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Update your video details

Once you have uploaded your video into Stream you will want to make sure the right people and groups access to view the video. To do this, edit the details of the video as detailed below.

Click here to see all of your videos – https://web.microsoftstream.com/studio/videos

Access your video details

Selected video

To access the video details on a selected video click on the 3 dots and then ‘Update video details’.

In your video list

To edit the details of a specific video in the video list select the pencil icon next to the video.

Video Details

You will now have access to update your video details and settings.


Here you can set the name of the video and give a brief description. You are also able to select a thumbnail which will be displayed before the video is played.


It is possible to give the entire organisation access to a video, please ensure that you do not select this option. Videos should only be shared with people/groups that need access. Contact IT Support before granting permissions for others to access if you have any queries.

Within permissions you can grant the video access to Your Groups, a channel within a group or specific people.


To give the video access to your Team(s) select ‘My groups’ and type in the name of your Team. It is recommended at this point to add the Video to a channel within the Team, if your group does not have a channel, click Create a channel.

You can grant access to multiple groups at this stage. Just add each group at a time.

Once you have selected the groups and channels they will now show within the list.


To give give selected people access, select ‘People’ from the drop down. Start typing the name and select the person you would like to give access to.

If you would like to give the person full permissions to the video tick Owner.


There are a few options you may like to modify when uploading a video. See a description of these below.

  • People: Stream will identify the people within the video and create a timeline. This enables users to jump to parts of the video where that person is featured.
  • Comments: This will allow users to post comments under the video. It is recommended to turn this off when using Stream with a class group.
  • Captions: This feature will automatically create a transcript of the video allowing for closed captions to be used when viewing the video. This can also be used for navigating the video.

Once you are happy with the Details/Settings for your video select Apply. Your changes will now take affect.

Updated on 22nd April 2020

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