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Microsoft Stream quick start guide

Microsoft Stream is a video publishing platform similar to YouTube. You can upload and give users access to videos within Stream, Teams and SharePoint. Take a look at the guide below on how to get started with Stream

How do I access Stream?

The best way to access Steam is by logging into Office 365 and clicking on the Stream icon. If you do not see the icon select All apps.

How do I upload a video and give access to my Team?

To start uploading videos, select My content and then Videos

Uploading a video

To upload a video simply drag and drop a video into the browser or select browse.

Your video will now start to upload into Stream. You can see the status of the video at the top of the uploading pane.

The upload process may take some time depending on the size of your video


From here you can set the name of the video and give it a brief description. Once the video has completed the upload you will also be able to select a thumbnail which will be displayed before the video is played.


It is possible to give the entire organisation access to a video, please ensure that you do not select this option. Videos should only be shared with people/groups that need access. Contact IT Support before granting permissions for others to access if you have any queries.

Within permissions you can grant the video access to your groups, a channel within a group or specific people.

To give the video access to your Team(s) select ‘My groups’ and type in the name of your Team. It is recommended at this point to add the Video to a channel within the Team, if your group does not have a channel, click ‘Create a channel’.

You can grant access to multiple groups at this stage. Just add each Group at a time.

Once you have selected the groups and channels they will now show within the list.


There are a few options you may like to modify when uploading a video. See a description of these below:

  • People: Stream will identify the people within the video and create a timeline. This enables users to jump to parts of the video where that person is featured.
  • Comments: This will allow users to post comments under the video. It is recommended to turn this off when using Stream with a class group.
  • Captions: This feature will automatically create a transcript of the video allowing for closed captions to be used when viewing the video. This can also be used for navigating through the video.


Once you are happy that your video has the correct title and the correct groups have been given access, click Publish. Your video will now be accessible to all group members.

How do I access my groups?

Access my groups

From within the Stream platform select ‘My content’ and then ‘Groups’ to see your group Teams access.

Within each group you will see the following 4 tabs:

  • Highlights – a selection of videos within the Group
  • Videos – a full list of videos available to the Group
  • Channels – similar to a music playlist, you can split the Group into separate channels for different topics, project etc. You can also add a channel as a Tab within Teams.
  • Membership – add and remove members to the group. It is important to note that this will also update the group membership in Microsoft Teams.

Adding videos and channels to Microsoft Teams

Once you have uploaded your videos to Stream you will want to make these easy to access by your Team. You can do this by simply pasting the URL into a Team conversation or, better still, add the channel or video as a tab for easy access.

Adding a channel or video as a tab.

Open Teams and select the Team you would like to add a Stream tab too. Click on the + icon in your Teams channel.

Select Stream in the available apps.

Channel (Recommended)

To add a channel, type the name of the channel into the search box. This will show all channels and stream groups matching the search.

Select the channel and team you would like to add. Typically this will match the team you are adding to.


To add a video as a tab, navigate to the video within Stream and copy the URL.

Now that you have added a channel or a video give the tab a name for example Stream.

Select the box at the bottom of the screen to post a message to the Team about the new tab and click Save.

Your channel or video will now be displayed in Teams. All members of the Team will have access to this new tab.

Updated on 22nd April 2020

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