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Record your Desktop

You can use PowerPoint to record your desktop and audio which you can then upload to Stream to share with people and groups.

Capture your desktop

To start recording your screen, open PowerPoint click on the insert tab and select Screen Recording.

Once you have clicked on the screen recording select an area in which you would like to record by clicking and dragging across the screen.

To record your microphone and mouse ensure these are both selected.

Once you are ready to record your screen click Record. Everything you now do on your screen will be recorded. You may want to navigate to a browser or demonstrate an Application etc.

Once you have finished your recording click Stop.

Your Video will now be added to your slide in PowerPoint.

Save your video

To save your video in order to then upload to stream, right click on the video and select Save Media as…

Select the location you would like to save your video and click save.

Upload your video

Check out this guide on how to upload your video and give People and groups access. Getting started with Microsoft Stream.

Updated on 22nd April 2020

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