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Office 365 DLP Override Guide

This guide shows how staff who have access to the override option in Office 365 can override the Data Loss Prevention blocking feature in Office 365 to allow them to share data with external parties containing sensitive information such as NI, NHS, passport & credit/debit card numbers.

When sending sensitive information to an external recipient it must be sent via a secure method. Secure methods include the following options (please click on the options for further guidance):

How to use the DLP override option when sending an email

When the system detects that you are sharing sensitive information, you will see a message similar to the screenshot below, click on the “Show details” option if you see this option as shown below.

Now click on the Override option as highlighted below.

You will now see the message below, enter a business justification for sending the sensitive information outside of the organisation and then click the Override option. The email will now be sent.

Updated on 4th December 2019

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