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Microsoft Teams – Create a new meeting

Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool for audio and video conference calls. You can set up a meeting with anyone inside or outside of the organisation. Use the steps below to schedule a meeting via Outlook or within Teams itself.

For information on how to join a Teams meeting click here. The same guidance can be used for joining any Teams meetings that you have set up, please feel free to share this link with the meeting participants in case they are not familiar with joining a Teams meeting.

For guidance on sharing your screen during a Teams meeting, click here.

Outlook Calendars

Open Outlook and select calendar from the lower left hand corner.

Under the home tab, click New Teams Meeting.

A new meeting window will now open. Enter who you would like to join the meeting in the To field, add a subject, then adjust the meeting start and end date and time. You will notice the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link which is included int he notessection of the meeting invite which the participents can use to easily join the meeting.

Once you are ready click send and you’re done!

You also convert a normal Outlook meeting request into a Teams meeting by editing the meeting request, then click on the “Teams Meeting” option and then click the “Send Update” option

Outlook on the web

Open Outlook on the web and select the calendar icon in the lower left hand corner.

Select New event at the top left to create an event.

In the new event window, give the event a Title, enter the participants, select a date and time. In the location field make sure you select “Teams meeting”.

Once you are ready click send. The participants will now receive a link to join the meeting.



Select calendar from the left hand menu. Then select “New meeting”.

Give the meeting a title, add the attendees, set the date and time.

If you are having the meeting with members within a team, start typing in the relavent team name in the “Add channel” field, this will include all team members.

Click Send. A teams meeting invite will then be sent to the attendees.

Meet now in a Teams Channel

Meetings within a teams channel give you the ability to host a meeting with all members in the team.

You can either create a channel meeting within the teams calendar or alternatively use the meet now option within a team.

Once you have selected “Meet now” you will be given the option to enter a subject, turn your camera on or off and schedule a meeting for later. When you are ready click on “Meet now”.

All members of the Team can join by clicking on the Join now, which will appear in the channel.

Meeting Options

Once you have created a meeting you can change how a user is able to participate in the meeting. For example prevent attendees from presenting. Use the steps below to change the meetings options

Once you have created a meetings. Select the meeting within either Outlook or Microsoft Teams. Select meeting options below the meeting join information.


Microsoft Teams

Your browser will now open to display the meeting options.

Who can bypass the lobby

Changing who can bypass the lobby is an important setting when scheduling meetings with students. By setting this to ‘Only me’ prevents students joining the meeting unattended before and after the meeting.

To change the roles of the participants in the meeting modify Who can present?

Who can present?

Who can present?What happens
EveryoneAnyone who has access to the meeting link will join the meeting as a presenter.
People in my organizationOnly people in your org will be presenters. External participants will join as attendees.
Specific peopleOnly people you choose from the list of invitees will be presenters. Everyone else will join as attendees.
Only meOnly the organizer will be a presenter. All other participants will join as attendees.
Updated on 30th November 2020

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