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Microsoft Teams – Class Team Teachers

As a team owner, you can add new members and guests, change members into owners, manage channels and settings, and archive a team that’s no longer in use.

Manage a Class Team

To get to your Teams settings. select the 3 dots next to your Team and click Manage team.

Within the manage team view you can:

  • Add and remove users
  • Mute students
  • Manage channels
  • Manage Team settings
  • Add Apps

Add and remove users

Add students and teachers to the team

To add a Student or Teacher to a team click on Add member under the members tab in Manage team.

Select either Student or Teacher then type in the user’s name and click add. Once you are done click close.

Remove students and teachers from the team

Go to Manage team and click on the Members tab. To remove a student simply select the X next to their name.

To remove a teacher, first change their role to member then click on the X to remove them.

Mute students

You are able to mute individual students or the entire class. Go to Manage team, click on the members tab and tick the box next to the student or for the whole class


From within the channels tab you can create a new channel and set it to automatically be visible to all members of the Team.


There are many different options within the Settings tab. However the defaults are normally appropriate for most cases.

Team theme

You can set a team image by selecting Team theme and click change theme.


Here you can see all the statistics for you team.

Updated on 16th March 2020

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