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CET Classroom Drop-in App

The Classroom Drop-in app allows selected members of staff to temporarily give themselves or others access to a selected class in Microsoft Teams. The following guidance gives you a quick outline of how to use the app.

You will need to be given access before you can add and open the Drop-in app in Teams. Please raise a request with IT Support to be given access.

Please note that drop-in cannot be used to provide cover for a live lesson where the teacher who originally scheduled the live lesson is no longer avaiable, this is because the live lesson needs the original organiser to admit everyone into the lesson from the lobby. A new meeting should be scheduled instead following the guidance in the link below.

Add the app to Microsoft Teams

Click on the 3 dots on the left-hand pane in Teams and search for Classroom Drop-in

Click on Add to add the app to Teams

Using the App

Once you have added the App in Teams you will now be able to add yourself or someone else into a Team. After you have opened the App you will have 2 options.

  • New drop-in, this option allows you to add yourself or someone else to a selected Team.
  • Scheduled drop-ins allows you to extend or cancel an active drop-in session.

Select your school

You will now be able to select from a list of Class Teams currently available to drop-in to. You can use the search option to filter the list down to a selected Team. Select the Teams by selecting the arrow.

Drop in settings

Duration of drop-in

There are two options for dropping into a Team. By selecting one of the predefined options, you can drop into a Team immediately for the selected amount of time. Or select Custom to drop into a Team on a selected date and time.

Who should be assigned to the class?

You can either give yourself access or by selecting “Someone else” gives you the ability to add another member of staff into the Team for the selected duration.

Once your options have been selected click Schedule drop-in.

Drop-in notifications

Once you have scheduled your drop-in you will receive a notification in Teams to let you know that the drop-in has been booked. You will then receive a notification 15 minutes before the end of the drop-in session and again at the end.

Updated on 28th January 2021

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