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Microsoft Teams – Quick start guide for Students

All communication within Teams is monitored, inappropriate use of Teams will be reported

If you would like any support with your reading and writing, check out our guide on using the built in Immersive reader feature.

How to access Teams

Access Teams on the web

Teams can be accessed within school and at home using an Internet browser by going to the following link – https://teams.microsoft.com/

Install the Teams App

To install Teams on your personal Windows, Mac, iOS or android device, search for Microsoft Teams from where you download your apps or alternatively use the following link – https://teams.microsoft.com/download

How to sign into Teams

Once you have downloaded the app click Sign in. You will first be asked for your full school email address. You may then be redirected to the CET login page where you can use your normal school username and password.

Logging in from Windows, Mac or Chromebooks

My Classes

Once you have logged into Teams, select the Teams tab to see all of the Teams you are a member of. Each Team will represent a class from your timetable.

Click on a Team to access conversations, files and assignments.

Join a live lesson

Your teacher will post your live lesson link in the Team for that lesson. use the following steps to join the meeting.

  • When the lesson is ready to start open Teams and select the Team where the lesson is taking place.
  • In the Team you will see the meeting, when it is time to join the meeting click join.
  • Click on the microphone to mute and un-mute the microphone.
  • Click on the hand to get the teacher’s attention.
  • Once the lesson has ended click the hang up button.


Assignments is where you teacher will set you work to be completed by a set time. In the assignments tab within a Team you will see all the assignments set for that Class.

To view your assignments accross all your classes click on the Assignments tab on the left hand menu

Click on the assignment to see what you need to complete. You will also see the date and time the work has to be completed by.

Send a message

Teams are made up of one or more channels

  • Select the channel you would like to start a conversation or ask a question
  • Type your message in the text box at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the send icon highlighted below

You can reply to messages by clicking reply and typing in your message.


Each channel has a separate files tab where the Teacher may store resources for you to work on together or for you to read.

Click on the Files tab and then select a file you would like to open.

For Windows and Mac you can edit files in the Teams app. For Mobile devices download the Office mobile app which enables you to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your mobile device.

Updated on 20th November 2020

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