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Setting up Multi factor authentication in Office 365.

Get set up early.

You can get everything set up ready for when Multi factor authentication is enabled on your account by going to aka.ms/MFASetup

CET uses a wide variety of services in Office 365 including email, OneDrive, SharePoint etc. This is a very powerful service and allows you to access, emails and files from any device. To help to keep this information secure we ask that you set up multi-factor authentication on your account. This will require a second device, in most instances this will be your mobile phone to be a second form of authentication to your account. Follow the steps below to get this set up on your device.

  1. Once multi-factor authentication has been enabled on your account you. You will receive the following message the next time you log in. Select set it up now.

Now select how you would like to authenticate from your device, this can be via a code using the Authenticator App on your phone, or via a phone call or text. We recommend using the Authenticator App.

Microsoft Authenticator app

  1. Install the Microsoft authenticator app for Windows Phone, Android or iOS.
  2. In the app, add an account and choose “Work or school account”.
  3. Scan the QR code you will see on screen, once set up select next.
  4. You will now be asked to confirm the authentication method is working correctly enter the authentication code you see in the app.
  5. You will also be asked for a phone number as an alternative method in case you have any issues with the app.

Authentication text message

  1. Select the region United Kingdom (+44) and type in your mobile number.
  2. Select either Send me a code by text message, and select next

You will now receive a text message with a verification code.

App Password

You will be asked to copy and save an app password securely. You will not require this for any Office 365 services at this time. Please select next without recording the password. If it becomes required in the future, You can generate a new app password at any time by clicking on the link here.

Your account will now be set up with two-factor authentication. You will only be required to use this when outside of a school network for example at home.

Update your security information

If you mobile number changes or you would like to start using the Microsoft Authenticator app, follow the steps below.

Update phone number

To update your phone number navigate to aka.ms/MFASetup and sign in with your school account.

Update your number and click save.

Setting the Authenticator app as your preferred method

Navigate to aka.ms/MFASetup and sign in with your school account.

If you have not already set up the Authenticator app follow the steps here

Under what’s your preferred option? select ‘Use verification code from app or token’

Click Save to save your changes. You will now be prompted for the code shown in your app when you require Multi-factor Authentication

Updated on 12th March 2020

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