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Introduction to OneNote

Getting started

With Microsoft OneNote, teachers can create notebooks that help them stay organised, deliver curriculum, and collaborate with students and colleagues.

Pages and sections

A notebook can have multiple sections and pages. A section is a collection of Pages. Pages being where you add your content such as lesson plans, meeting notes and worksheets to distribute to students.


Create new section or page

  • To create a new section select Add section
  • To create a new page select Add page

Start creating content

Adding notes

Once you have create a page you can start creating your content. Simply select anywhere on the page and start typing.

Insert pictures, videos audio recordings and more…

You can insert pictures and videos directly into your OneNote. Select inset to see what can be inserted.

Insert pictures and Videos

Insert a Table

Audio recording

  • To start an audio recording select insert and then audio. The recording will now start immediately.
  • Select stop to finish the recording.
  • To listen to the recording back select play.


If you are using OneNote in your classroom, why not try out the Draw features with your interactive whiteboard or tablet device. You can use your OneNote as a digital whiteboard. You can save this for later or share with your students.


Use the dictate option in OneNote to write faster and mark faster. Dictate allow you to simply talk into your devices microphone and this will be converted to text directly into OneNote.

  • Select where you would like to type on the page and the click Dictate on the home tab
  • Start talking. Text will then start showing on your screen.
  • Click the Dictate button again to stop.

Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader, is a full screen reading experience to increase readability of content in OneNote documents. Immersive Reader is designed to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and students where English is a their second language, but can support anyone who wants to make reading on their device easier.

Find more out about Immersive Reader here

To access the Immersive Reader in OneNote select View and then Immersive Reader.

Updated on 17th July 2019

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